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2014-02-03 02:02:22 by frankpig

Sorry, I have been on but not in chat thing. I have been playing "No One Has To Die". You can play it here on NG. It was game of the year last year and to save you from going through all the trouble of finding it, I will paste a link below:


This is the comment I made about it:

WARNING: Minor Spoilers

Wow... Mind blowing... I first made Steve live, then Troy, then Lionel then, finally, Christina. Make a number two, different, but in a way better. No fire but a deeper story, if possible. Fenix corp is odd, why teach birds to say "Christina Lives"? Anyway my name IRL is Phoenix. So it is sort of like it is molded around me. I like how the music dies after a bit. Suits the game well. One of the best games on Newgrounds. This game has a very interesting format, I love how the story is told mostly in messages, popping out as though they were social network feeds. The music adds a lot to the story. I like these "choose your own adventure" games, in which you have to make decisions to get the best possible ending, and man, this was a hard one, because even though the game is called "nobody has to die", in your first run, you have no choice but to make a few casualties happen, no matter what way you choose to do things, and it gets to be extremely, EXTREMELY sad at times, you monster  I like how instead of text choices, you have to decide what each person does and how each door behaves, and each passing turn, the fire spreads more, and you also need to trigger the water switch off in order to keep people from drowning, and all that. In the end, the "path" you choose depends exclusively on who lives and who dies in a turn, but the way it's done makes it a bit more, so to say, intense, since you have to choose who dies and then you have to make the thing that kills them happen, turn by turn (that is, unless you have a secret something that changes the rules of the game...). I also love how the business the company runs is just something hilariously absurd. Also, holy crap, some plot twists (which I won't spoil) are horrendously somber, and raise ethical questions over who deserves to live or die in such a situation. Creepy stuff. Also, I love this kind of story, where each ending reveals a bit more about the story line.


Wow... Great game...

Happy New Year!

2014-01-09 22:07:03 by frankpig

Ok guys, I know I have not posted in ages but that is cause A. I broke my PC and B. I am obseesed with minecraft but trust me! I still think Pico is epic!

My Other New Art

2013-10-14 22:50:59 by frankpig

Was two week long enough to read it?

My Other New Art

Here is one picture


Check it out!

2013-09-25 02:05:16 by frankpig

I have new art!

Holy Crud!

2013-09-22 01:10:59 by frankpig

A MONTH AWAY FROM NG! To much minecraft, not enough awsomeness!

Where Did I Go???

2013-08-18 01:37:16 by frankpig

I have recently brought Minecraft so I have been playing 24/7.

60 second life

2013-07-09 01:18:39 by frankpig

Your 60 Second Life wasn't too bad, but you left out on many opportunities. Maybe you didn't care enough. Maybe you just didn't know what you wanted from life.
Love wasn't meant for you. Except for a few, very rare moments. Money was always a bit of a problem. But you got by fairly well. Living a life of solitude, you had little to no friends. If by choice or misfortune, we'll never know. Hobbies, shmobbies. You obviously had better things to do in life. Maybe something else enriched your life more than any hobby ever could do.

My life in 60 second life!

My New Icon!

2013-07-09 00:43:51 by frankpig

This is my new personal icon!

Everybody edits world

2013-07-07 18:22:25 by frankpig